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31. oktoober 2019

The Estonian Architecture Awards 2019 ceremony will take place on Friday, December 6, 2019 at 19:00 at the Tartu Comb Factory in Tartu, Estonia.


The laureates of the fifth joint annual award ceremony in the fields of architecture will be announced by three professional organisations

Estonian Association of Architects,

Estonian Association of Interior Architects,

Estonian Landscape Architects' Union,


Architecture Endowment of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia,

architecture magazine Maja and culture paper Sirp.


The stage director of the award ceremony is Priit Strandberg. 

The joint annual ceremony of Estonian Architecture Awards was initiated in the year of 2015 to acknowledge the most outstanding achievements in contemporary Estonian architecture and to raise public awareness of Estonian architects, interior designers and landscape architects in Estonia and worldwide.  

You can find all nominated works on the joint Architecture Awards website 

The works from previous years will be updated gradually and the website will soon be available also in English.  

The Estonian Architecture Awards are organized by the Estonian Landscape Architects' Union, the Estonian Association of Architects, and the Estonian Association of Interior Architects. 

Main partners are Architecture Endowment of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia and publishing house Arhitektuurikirjastus. 

Awards’ main supporters are The Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Ministry of Culture of Estonia. Great supporters: Luminec, Fagerhult, Extery. Supporters: Bole, mmcité, Aluprof, Floorin, Geberit, ISKU, Jung, Lincona, Puustelli, Rake, Thermory, Wermstock.


Ticket sale: fienta.com/eesti-arhitektuuripreemiad-2019 

For accommodation in Tartu please find discount offers here.  

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