Filmprogramme of Landscape Architecture Month

Date: March 29, 2010


Every tuesday and thursday at 19:00 there will be one movie related to landscape architecture.


Opening movie on April, 1st at 20

Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance

USA 1982, Godfrey Reggio, 86 min

trailer &



Topic: Street Culture

Tue, 06.04 - Slingshot Hip Hop, Palestiina, Iisrael, USA 2008, Jackie Reem Salloum, 80 min, subtitles: estonian, trailer


Thuu, 08.04 - Dogtwon and Z-Boys, USA 2001, Stacy Peralta, 91 min, language: english, subtitles: none, trailer;

Lords of Dogtown, USA, Saksamaa 2005, Catherine Hardwicke, 107 min, language: english, subtitles: none, trailer


Topic: Perception and space

Tue, 13.04 - Rivers and Tides, Saksamaa, Soome, Inglismaa, Kanada 2001, Thomas Riedelsheimer, 90 min, trailer


Thu, 15.04 - Generation Yamakasi, Prantsusmaa 2007, Mark Daniels, 71 min, subtitles: english;

Yamâkasi - Les samouraïs des temps modernes, Prantsusmaa 2001, Luc Besson, Philippe Lyon, 90 min, subtitles: english, trailer


Topic: Urban Nature

Tue, 20.04 - Videoshots, language: estonian, english, subtitles: none


Thu, 22.04 - Grey Gardens, USA 2009, Michael Sucsy, 104 min, language: english, subtitles: none, trailer;

Grey Gardens (doc), USA 1975, Ellen Hovde ja Albert Maysles, 100 min, language: english, subtitles: none, klipp


Topic: Human influence

Tue, 27.04 - Maailmafilm/ Worldfilm:

Our Street, Poola, Prantsusmaa 2007, Marcin Latallo, 52 min, subtitles: estonian, trailer;

Thirty Square Metres and a Balcony, Hispaania 2006, Rosa Cerarols, Saturnino Granero, Bàrbara Mas-Bagà ja Adriana Salvat, 27 min, subtitles: estonian


Thu, 29.04 - Up the Yangtze, Kanada 2007, Yung Chang, 93 min, subtitles: english, trailer



Place: Estonian Landscape Architecture Students Organisation, Pikk 60, Tartu

Organiser: Estonian Landscape Architecture Students Organisation (Terje Ong) and TajuRuum


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